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Should I hire an Electrician? What will it cost?

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Should I hire an Electrician? What will it cost?

Are you tempted to do your own electrical work at home? After all, with the literally hundreds of videos you could find online, you feel you could learn how to do anything in a matter of minutes? That may in fact depend on the extensiveness of the work you need done. Let’s say you are one of those people that aren’t so good at working with their hands and would prefer the peace of mind of knowing it will be done correctly and efficiently the first time electrical repairs or maintenance are attempted. Not to mention should you ever move and sell your home, you will want to present the certification of all the electrical work done, as well as if any accidents occur, the insurance company can verify that any and all electrical work is certified.

So what should you know about hiring a local Electrician or even before getting a free electrical work estimate? Here are three suggestions:

Finding the right Pro

  • Make sure they are qualified to do the job. You will want to verify they have the licenses, credentials and adequate experience, to perform electrical home renovation project you need done.
  • Search out reviews. If the Pro offers a great service in general to most if not all clients, you may find that in the past few years someone has taken the time to write an online review. Having that unbiased input can go a long way!
  • Get more than one bid or estimate. As with any home renovation project, it’s smart to educate oneself about the going industry rates for the best quality service, so as to obtain the most competitive prices. That way you will not be over paying for low quality.

Now that you know how to choose an Electrician, you likely are thinking about you’re budget.

Cost of Electric Renovation

You can expect that your particular job will be quoted at a fixed price, as the Pro evaluates the amount of labor involved in the job, as well as the time it will take them or their team. The hourly rate of an electrician can range from $48 to $71. However, you might be charged a minimum fee which can be the price of 1-2 hours of labor. Depending on the Electrician and if they are going to do multiple jobs, the quote price provided may be negotiable. This is where previous research and multiple quotes from electricians can be instrumental in you getting the most competitive rates for your home renovation.

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