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Upgrade Your Old Kitchen

The cost of a kitchen renovation relies on three key aspects: variations done, materials used and local labor costs or the fee of the contractor you hire to complete the project. Free kitchen remodeling estimates before any proper planning and design can at least give you a ballpark figure of what typical projects cost.

Minor Kitchen Renovation Cost

Modernizing your old kitchen with a 200 square foot kitchen with 20 feet of cabinets costs around $22,000. However, a typical project might include these changes:

• Replacing cabinet doors with raised-panel doors
• Installing new hardware
• New energy efficient cookware and electrical appliances
• New laminate countertops
• Replacing standard sink and faucet
• New resilient flooring
• Setting new wallpaper
• New modifications in the cabinet configuration or fixture/appliance locations

Major Kitchen Renovation Costs

An important update to the same 200 sq.ft. kitchen costs above $57,000 and might include:

• Relocating cabinets with semi-custom cabinets
• Setting a new island
• Installing a new sink, faucet and laminate countertops
• An energy-efficient oven, microwave, garbage disposer, dishwasher or ventilation system
• Painting walls, ceilings and/or trim
• Adding light fixtures and other basic changes that a typical project includes.
• High- End Kitchen Renovation Costs

For remodeling a 200 sq.ft. kitchen, you may be charged around $12,000. However, the potential for custom additions to any of the kitchen elements makes the project costs essentially high. Many major renovations include enlarging or adding onto the home or room, and this can easily raise the typical kitchen remodel cost. A typical high-end remodel might consist of:

• Integrated water filtration system
• Installing new premium hardwood cabinets with custom accessories
• Stone countertops with premium under-mount sink and faucet
• Premium tile backsplashes
• Commercial-grade range and ventilation system
• New built-in refrigerator
• New convection oven with microwave function
• Installing new warming drawer and trash compactor
• Setting up a new comprehensive lighting array
• Adding new cork flooring
• Installing new hardwood molding

How Much Will Your Kitchen Cost?

With the help of the items listed in the above remodels, you can compare your project goals and make cost amendments for any variances. You can also have a closer look at free kitchen remodeling estimates. For many homeowners, getting over the initial shock of a proposed kitchen remodel is a crucial step to the real planning process. Once you have a better idea about the details of your project, as well as many of the new materials and products you’ll employ, sit down with a kitchen designer and remodeling contractor to do a thorough evaluation and breakdown of the costs involved.

Most importantly, consider different kitchen remodeling ideas and floor plans that suit your budget. Choose a contractor who has experience on similar projects.

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