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Handyman Vs. General Contractor/Specialty Contractor

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You’re thinking…I am better off hiring a general contractor or a specialty contractor because:

a. He/she will have the work done faster.

b. He/she will have all the necessary licensing/bonding/insurance

c. He/she will keep an eye on material costs.

d. He/she have many years of experience.

And the list goes on and on…But wait, why would you hire a handyman and not a general contractor?

If you are on a budget and you have very light projects to get done around the house, you are better off hiring a handyman. Handymen are very much experienced tradesmen as well, hence the name “Handy” (skilled at a wide range of repairs) to prove it.

There’s one thing to keep mind. In certain states, handymen are not allowed to do any job without a permit that will exceed a certain dollar amount. In California, for example, that limit is $500 (labor and materials).

If you are considering doing small to medium-sized projects around the house, rather than getting multiple home improvement estimates from a contractor, look for local handyman in your area to get multiple quotes. Handyman are sometimes under appreciated. You still want to do your due diligence by checking their online reviews and follow up on their references.

Hiring a general contractor or a specialty contractor also has its benefits, but you are definitely paying not only for his experience but for the whole

Handymen can perform a wide variety of tasks like:

● Appraising of property

● Cabinet refacing

● Carpentry

● Ceiling repair

● Ceramic tile repair

● Cleaning

● Countertops

● Crown moulding

● Curtain hanging

● Decks

● Door installation

● Door repair

● Drain cleaning

● Dryer repair

● Dryer vent cleaning

● Dryer vent installation

● Drywall Installation

● Drywall repair

● Minor Electrical (existing service)

● Fan installation

● Fence fixing

● Fireplace cleaning

● Framing

● Garage door openers

● Garage doors

● General Maintenance

● Gutter Repair

● Home security systems

● Hot tubs and spas

● Lamp repairs

● Landscaping

● Lawncare

● Lockset adjustment

● Paint removal

● Painting

● Patio stone installation

● Minor Plumbing repairs

● Porches

● Remodeling basements

● Remodeling bathrooms

● Remodeling kitchens

● Roof Repair

● Septic system repair (cleaning only)

● Shelf installation

● Soundproofing

● Sprinkler repair

● Sprinkler system repairs

● Stain removal

● Staining furniture

● Storage area repair

● Swapping a toilet

● Swimming pool maintenance

● Tiling

● Waste and junk removal

● Water purification

● Water softening

● Window cleaning

● Window installation

● Window repair

As you can see, this is an extensive list. Next time you’re thinking about doing a small to medium home improvement project, look into hiring a local handyman. You may actually be surprised by their craftsmanship and superior knowledge.

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