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How can your service help me? is quickly becoming one of the largest, nationwide websites that connects homeowners with local pros. We pride ourselves in providing a quality service that delivers results. Our team consists of sales, marketing and business development individuals in the home improvement industry whose ongoing commitment is to help your business succeed.

We've used other lead generation services, what makes you different?

We are not your typical run in the mill lead generation service. Our leads are exclusive and 100% call-verified for accuracy. We repeat: our leads are exclusive and 100% call-verified for accuracy. We also take it a step further by helping the homeowner choose a few time slots so that you can contact them. In the end,  you get an exclusive, call-verified appointment lead. THATS HUGE!

What plans do you have available?

We have 2 plans that you can take advantage of: Paid Plans and Beginner*.

Paid Plans benefits: Exclusive appointment leads
Real-time lead notification (email, text, fax) Free account profile
Monthly account analysis
Dedicated account manager
No contractors or commitments Regular monthly promotions

Basic benefits:
Free account profile

What is the process if I choose the paid plan?

Our friendly staff will help you choose the best plan for your business. If you sign up for the paid plan, we will go over the contractor questionnaire with you to help us understand your business fully and how it operates. We will also build your online contractor profile. You can send us pictures of your work, company logos, etc.

What is the process if I choose the Basic plan?

We will help you setup the account, and help you build your online contractor profile.

How much does the Paid plan cost?

Each exclusive appointment referral is $50. For your account to be active, we ask that you keep a valid credit card on file. There are no contracts or commitments which means you can cancel anytime.

How much does the Basic plan cost?


What is your refund/return policy?

We understand sometimes things do happen and you’re not always going to have the best experience with a homeowner. WE HAVE THE BEST REFUND/RETURN POLICY IN THE INDUSTRY.

  1. If an exclusive appointment lead does not pan out (meaning if the homeowner cancels the appointment before you, the Pro, can provide them with an estimate), simply let your account manager know and we will replace it with another one, no questions asked.
  2. If the homeowner hires another Pro before you can give them an estimate, we will replace that appointment with another one, no questions asked.
How many pros in my area will receive the same referral?

In the paid plan, only 1 Pro will receive the exclusive appointment lead, that’s you! These referrals are delivered on a rotation basis. Thus, a good communication with your account manager is essential.

What happens if I'm in default of payment?

We will notify you immediately if we’re unable to charge your credit card on file. If we’re unable to reach you or charge your card for services rendered per our terms of use, may, in its sole discretion report your balance to a collections agency and also report you to the credit bureaus. You will not have access to your account until any balance owed have been

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