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Thinking about Remodeling…What should I know Before I Get Started?

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Thinking about Remodeling…What should I know Before I Get Started?

If you were told that now is the time to remodel your home would you believe it? It’s like hearing your realtor shouting, now is a great time to buy your dream home! Would you believe him? Absolutely…Why? The proof is in the pudding. Interest rates are so low these days and home prices are also on a dive, it’s all over the news.

So you can believe that now is the time to remodel your home. Simply because of new construction slowing down, new construction contractors are now shifting their efforts to provide more specialized services in the remodeling industry: Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Room Remodeling, Garage Remodeling, Complete Home Remodeling.

In essence, more and more contractors are now competing for the same business which means remodeling prices are also at an all time low. Contractors are now more available than ever to not only provide the best work possible but also give you a fair home improvement estimate that they will actually stay close to.

But, you still need to do your homework before hiring a local contractor in your area.’s Insider’s tips:

  1. Check the contractor’s’ references and online reviews.
  2. Check licenses, insurances, bonds and references again.
  3. Get a detailed estimate in writing.
  4. Is he or she asking you to get your own permits? Run!
  5. Does he or she only want cash payment? Run from that too!

One can never stop emphasizing: check references, check online reviews, check licenses. There are too many horror stories from homeowners falling victim in the hands of “wannabe” contractors.

THE TAKE AWAY…Today is a great time to get that kitchen remodeling done, or update the look of your outdated bathroom, or give dad that mancave he’s been wanting to have in the basement, or finally remodel the family room. Get as many quotes from local contractors in your area, the good residential contractors will always be willing to provide a free home remodeling estimate at no cost to you. As always…Happy Searching!

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