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Solar Power and your Home: Costs and Benefits

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Solar Power and your Home: Costs and Benefits

Why is it that so many homeowners today are on the verge of or have already gone solar? Easy, the benefits! Adding solar capability to a home is one of the best things you can do to add value to it. But what does the average homeowner want, and more importantly need to know before getting a free local solar installation estimate? Yes, the most obvious two things you can think of: costs and benefits.

What are the Benefits?

Solar power is becoming more well-known every day for its efficiency, long-term savings, environment-friendly and tax break benefits. But those are just to name a few. Let’s add to that list:

  • A lower electric bill. Did you know you can finance your solar system and still pay the solar company monthly less than what you’d pay to the electric company monthly? Talk about a short-term and long-term savings ratio!
  • Solar energy helps the environment. Unlike other energy sources, solar power does not use carbon dioxide emissions. That means it uses energy in its purest form. The use of solar energy uses a natural light which comes from an inexhaustible, free source.
  • Maximize savings over time. In many states, switching to the use of solar energy can save the average home more than $100 a month. If you spread that over 10 years, that’s $12,000 in savings! No doubt that’s money you can use toward other home improvement costs.

What will Solar cost you?

Of course this varies per state and area you live in, not to mention depending on the company from whom you purchase. Although solar panels are now being purchased all around the world, and there is no uniform price for each panel, the type of panels used for residential homes are set globally. One fact that might ease your mind however, is that the cost of panels has dropped tremendously over the past 10 years, and it continues to drop exponentially. Even now, panels are about half the price they were 6 years ago. What a nice incentive for more and more homeowners to go solar, saving money and the environment! Why not request a free local solar quote today from a Pro in your area?

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